My name is Catie. I am 18. Taken. Bisexual. I have a passion for music and roleplaying. My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the veil, One Direction, All Time Low and That Sunday Feeling Paighton. American Horror Story is my life. Robert Sheehan is my boyfriend. Evan Peters is my future husband. beauties

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SO! New one direction fan fiction I am working on and I would love love love to have some cheerleaders that will help me through the writing process because I really do not want to give up on this one like I did on so many others. So if you could read and give feedback, I’d love you eternally

So like I did a cover of Story Of My Life like two weeks ago so yeah listen to it???


I am conducting a scientific study on what houses people are in. Reblog this post if you are proud to be a Gryffindor. (Hufflepuffs reblog this, Slytherins reblog this, and Ravenclaws reblog this)

Check Out The New Larry One Shot I Posted?

Louis Tomlinson is a rich spoiled brat who hates the world for giving him cancer. Harry Styles is an over achiever with a passion for acting. Oh and they hate each other. What happens when they are forced to be in a play production together?

Part 2/2 of Joe Atkinson in “I’m No Good (At Love Songs) by That Sunday Feeling

Part 1/2 of Joe Atkinson in “I’m No Good (At Love Songs)” by That Sunday Feeling 

Joe Atkinson in “Eyes Alight” by That Sunday Feeling.

Watch it here.

Joe Atkinson in Paighton’s New Video “Drive (A Little Piece Of Me)”

Watch it here


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